The National Seminar of General Election 2019 has creating qualified democracy

Oleh: Abdul Wahid Rauf . March 19, 2019 . 12:01:00


GORONTALO – The sequence of democracy ceremony of Indonesia will helding on April. At time, the stages of election will chosen legislative for Sub-province/ Town, Province and also President.

Related in that, the magister student of Law UNG is helding the seminar of General Election 2019, In order to creating the qualified vote, Tuesday, 19th of March, in Auditorium UNG.

La Aba as a head of election stated that the seminar is be conducted to measure the real election 2019. Wherever through this National seminar,it be expected there are bunch of ideas from academica and Society to implementation of real general election.

“ In creating the good election and qualify is one of the goals of seminar, becasue student is commited to the succeed of Indonesian election,” He said.

The Vice Director of postgraduate Prof. Dr. Hariadi Said, MS, by opening the seminar has mention that the election is the important topic to discuss. The thing is election effected the problem that attracted attention and emotional, in fact, it caused the conflict.

“ As a Democratic Country, the implementation of election must be repair; whether on procedure and the arrangement of law. In order to produce qualified output and no fraud ,Hariadi said.

He believed that the succesful of election implementation is the together responsible, whether in management, society, media and others. In particular ,student have to strengthen the role itself, human resource on sharing the idea to the KPU to execute its work as suppose to be.

“Management of the election must supported by the student as scientific competency through the qualified concept,” He said.

The National Seminar of General Election 2019 has presented the National quest speaker which is expert on criminal law/ penal code Universitas Indonesia Prof. Dr. Topo Santoso, SH, MH,.


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