"Let's study in Biology" has started in SMA 1 Luwuk

Oleh: Tryanti R Abdulrahman . December 19, 2013 . 18:24:00

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science – Department of biology recently conducted the Annual field study practice (Praktek Kuliah Lapangan) in Luwuk Banggai. There were 144 students, 8 assistants and 7 lecturers joined this activity and it was led directly by the Head of Department Dr. Lilan Dama, M.Pd. Through this event, students take action in conservation and observe the biodiversity in that area. Understanding biodiversity is important to understand how humans should live while respecting the Earth’s finite resources.The activity was carried out after the students learned the theory of biodiversity and conservation. This year, Luwuk Banggai was selected as a destination area to conduct this activity due to its remarkable natural charm in the eastern part of the Earth Indonesia. In addition, there is one corporation that has an environmental division exist in this area, so students can look more closely at how the company measures in the prevention of environmental pollution, said Abubakar Sidik Katili, M.Sc. Luwuk Banggai has wide variety of flora and fauna, biodiversity, biodiversity-rich coastal marine ecosystems, such as mangroves, sea grass types and other marine biota.

He further said that "this scientific activity is important to conduct in order to encourage students to join positive activities that relates to their scientific field". In addition to it, the department of biology also held socialization at SMAN 1 Luwuk with the theme "Let's study in Biology". Dr. Lilan Dama who was also a speaker in the socialization introduced in detail about the Faculty of mathematics and natural science, especially the department of biology. Lilan said “The teacher and the students were so enthusiastic and hoping that their students can continue their study in this department after they graduate from Senior high schools.”


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