Turning Challenges Into Opportunities Through PMDSU Scholarships

Oleh: UNG Translator . May 1, 2021 . 10:35:03

Ministry of Education and Culture: Muhammad Muhsinin, son of the soil of Labuapi, West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, born December 10, 1990, won a doctorate through the Master's Education Scholarship to Doctorate for Superior Scholars (PMDSU) batch 1 in 2017.

Before getting a doctorate at the Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) University, Muhsinin completed his bachelor's degree at the Faculty of Animal Husbandry, University of Mataram (UNRAM).

Muhsinin's biggest motivation to join the PMDSU Scholarship Program is to fulfill his parents' wishes, who want to see their child succeed and complete his doctoral studies at universities in Indonesia.

In addition, Muhsinin's aim to participate in the PMDSU Scholarship Program is to become a reliable lecturer and researcher in animal husbandry and develop the welfare of breeders in Indonesia.

In order to achieve optimal results, Muhsinin targeted himself to finish his studies on time under Prof. Dr. Ir. Cece Sumantri, M.Sc., Professor of Animal Breeding and Genetics, Department of Animal Production Science and Technology. Completed on time means that it will be faster to apply the knowledge and abilities that have been acquired.

Muhsinin revealed that he had several obstacles in participating in the PMDSU Scholarship Program, including limited supporting tools for analyzing research samples.

After passing all stages of the PMDSU Scholarship Program, he was also able to apply knowledge in Breeding and Genetics in the honey bee breeding sector. Muhsinin hopes to be able to produce honey bee seeds to be produced abroad in the future.

Currently, Muhsinin has become a non-civil servant lecturer and as the Secretary of Quality Assurance at the Faculty of Animal Husbandry at the University of Mataram, and a team of experts in the honey bee innovation cluster as the Covid-19 examiner team at the UNRAM Teaching Hospital.

"Live like a bee, live fully and die in your work" is the principle held by Muhsinin.


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