Rector Screening Phase Established 3 New Rector Candidates

Oleh: Abdul Wahid Rauf . September 2, 2019 . 16:41:00


Rector screening phase in the election of Gorontalo State University Rector for 2019-2023 periods is held by university senate, Monday (2/9), in UNG auditorium building. In this screening phase, 5 of rector candidates which are Prof. Dr. Haryadi Said, M.S, Prof. Dr. Ani M Hasan, M.Pd, Prof. Dr. Ir. Mahludin Baruadi, MP, Dr. Abdul Hafidz Olii, M.Si, and Dr. Eduart Wolok, ST, MT, compete to obtain votes from members of UNG’s senate.

Phases of rector candidate screening begin with the announcement of vision and mission from the 5 candidates in front of senate members, representative of the minister of research and higher education and guest that is continued with question and answer session between the rector candidates and senate members. After the QnA session, senate members give vote that is conducted privately.

Based on the result, 3 UNG rector candidates are elected which are Prof. Dr. Ir. Mahludin Baruadi, MP, Dr. Eduart Wolok, ST, MT, and Prof. Dr. Ani M Hasan, M.Pd. They will compete to be the Gorontalo State University rector for 2019-2023 periods.

Head of UNG Senate Prof. Dr. Rauf Hatu, M.Si, tells the rector candidates screening result will be given to the Minister of Research and Higher Education to be continued with the rector election phase later.

The 3 rector candidates will be elected by senate members of UNG and the result will be accumulated with the vote of Minister of Research and Higher Education.

“The total numbers of senate votes are 67 votes and minister vote is 35 percent from the total number of senate votes. There will be 104 total votes will be competed by 3 candidates,” he said.


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