Groud breaking of the UNG new buildings

Oleh: Arbyn M.E. Dungga . July 23, 2017 . 16:27:00

GORONTALO - The dream of Gorontalo community especially the academic community of Gorontalo State University to have a new campus will soon be realized. This can be seen in the commencement of new campus construction located in Bone Bolango District.

Executive Director of IDB UNG Eduart Wolok, ST, MT, revealed that at the location of the new UNG campus project will be built a number of lecture infrastructure as many as 13 buildings to be occupied 4 Faculties. The process is done for 425 calendar days, equipped with supporting infrastructure including furniture and laboratories.

Eduard said that the location of the new campus is a grant from the Government of Bone Bolango District of 32.5 Hectare, while the location is set by the government of Bone Bolango which is 100 Hectare, with the initial allocation for UNG area of ??50 Hectare.

Rector of Gorontalo State University, Prof. Syamsu Qamar Badu, M.Pd, admitted that it takes a long time the construction of the new UNG campus from the initial preparation to the implementation of ground breaking. So many people who do not believe in the realization of the new campus development.

"The struggle for the start of the new campus construction is approximately 7 to 8 years. Alhamdulillah after going through such a long process, this campus can finally be built, and God willing, it is targeted to be completed within the next 14 months," said Syamsu.

Meanwhile, Minister of Research and Technology Mohamad Nasir hopes that the construction of this new campus can have a positive impact on UNG, especially in improving the quality of educational support and suggestion

"When this new building is completed, I will bill the appointment when UNG becomes an accredited A university, the number of international publications, research and innovations produced by UNG. Because one of our goals is how to improve the better quality universities in eastern Indonesia," said Nasir.



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