Young Rector Figure, Energic and visionary become the new Chief of UNG

Oleh: Abdul Wahid Rauf . September 27, 2019 . 16:49:00


UNG officially has a new leader for 2019-2023 period. The figure of young man, energetic and have visionary mind will be the the highest leader of UNG.

He is Dr. Eduart Wolok, ST, MT, a lecturer in Engineering Faculty that will be the Rector of UNG. The man was born in Gorontalo 23 Mei 1976 holds Doctorate in Business management from IPB University is known for his firmness and charisma. he is also the youngest rector in UNG history.

Despite his young age, there is no doubt in his ability to command the red maroon campus. The man was born 43 years ago had held several important positions, among them is Vice-Rector of General affair and Financial for 6 years.

Not only that, but he also held important positions at the national level. One of them is The Head of Vice-Rector of General affair and Financial Forum. Held several important positions on and off campus makes Dr. Eduart has many cooperation links as the bridge to develop UNG in the future.

Outside the campus organization, Eduart is trusted to hold on several organizations especially in the sports field as the chairman of PBSI Gorontalo Province and Vice Chairman of the PBSI Supervisory Board. With various experience and his capability in organization, in 2018 Eduart become the Regional Chairman of Ikatan Sarjana Nahdatul Ulama (ISNU) Gorontalo Province.

For Eduart, becoming a Rector is a challenge. He designs a big determination to make the red maroon campus become quality campus and ready to deliver the best graduate.

“Creating UNG as an excellent and competitive university becomes the forward vision that must be manifested. Various programs will be implemented so that this vision will become real,” said Eduart.


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