UNG Students won 3rd place in Students National Bridge Championship

Oleh: Arbyn M.E. Dungga . August 7, 2017 . 09:54:00

GORONTALO - A number of achievements at the National level were successfully presented by students of Gorontalo State University. One of UNG's student successes is the 3rd winner at the 19th Students National Bridge Championship, held July 17-26 at Hotel Utami Sidoarjo.

The UNG team in the competition consists of 4 students, namely Putri Luwiti, Arlisa Wulandari Usman, and Febriyanto Samani students of the Faculty of Sport and Health, and Olivia Adam, a student of the Faculty of Economics.

Lecturer of UNG bridge sports team, Rifadli Bahsuan, revealed that the Students National Bridge Championship was first followed by UNG students but was able to record a proud achievement. Compete with the best 24 teams from other reputable universities, UNG students are has been proven that they are able to compete in this championship.

"Alhamdulillah for the first time participating in the Students National Bridge Championship, UNG was able to win the third place and only lost to Tanjung Pura Univ as the first winner and the  Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November as the second winner," he said.

UNG's journey in this competition is quite difficult because it has to compete with other famous universities including favorite team champion, University of Jember, which consists of the national junior team Bridge.

"With a mature readiness and hard work, students can perform optimally and achieve the achievements dedicated to UNG," he explained.

One member of Team Bridge UNG, Putri Luiti, said, achievement of champion III on Students National Bridge Championship is dedicated in supporting the year of UNG student achievement. Putri hopes, the potential achievement in Sport Bridge can be supported by establishing institutions Student Activity Unit in Bridge Sport.

Meanwhile, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Fence Wantu, appreciated the achievements of UNG students at the National Bridge Championships this time. Fence promised to give rewards for this student's proud achievement.


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