The Preparation of UTBK SBNPTN 2019 has been completed

Oleh: Abdul Wahid Rauf . March 4, 2019 . 11:15:00


Gorontalo – When UTBK ( Written test of computer-based ) has been applied on university selection (SBMPTN) 2019, UNG takes an effort to share the understanding about UTBK method. Therefore, UNG is holding the workshop and training about UTBK system 2019, and its focus to the supervisor of UTBK, Sunday, 4th of March.

Dr. Sukarman Kamuli, M.Si, as the responsibility of the event stated that the workshop and training focused to the invigilator that is supporting element of UTBK SBMPTN 2019 and also have a responsibility to make sure the test through success.

“The training becomes our commitment to realize the implementation of UTBK is going well without any trouble”, He said.

The implementation of UTBK in the province of Gorontalo, Sukarman said that the attendees accompany the step of the test in 6 location; UNG, SMA 1 Negeri Gorontalo , SMA 3 Negeri Gorontalo, SMK Negeri 1, SMK Negeri 2 dan SMK Negeri 3 Gorontalo.

The expectation of Sukarman “The Certain partnership to be involved to fulfil the UTBK which needs the facility. InsyaAllah the support of the partnership, in particular, the School could succeed the implementation of UTBK in Gorontalo”.

The Vice-Rector 1 Prof. Ir. Mahludin Baruwadi, M.P, reminds that the section of test SBMPTN have been computer-based and all of the tests is online without a printed test. The implementation located in a specific time and be guided by the invigilator.

“ The process and the success in implementing the test is counted by administer and the invigilator. Therefore, the role of the invigilator has to be strengthened; so, the test could be succeeded through workshop and training”, He said.

Furthermore, The Vice of Rector 1 stated that the role of the Administer and the invigilator are important, Mahludin expects that the event goes succeed.” With the preparation of the facility, infrastructure and the main supporter of the test; the invigilator particularly, InsyaAllah the process of UTBK in Gorontalo become succeed.


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