Registration for SBMPTN 2021 Has Opened, Here to Understand the Terms and How to Register

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Gorontalo: Computer-Based Writing Examination - State University Entrance Selection (Ina: UTBK-SBMPTN) has been officially opened by the College Entrance Test Institute (Ina: LTMPT). SBMPTN registration will be open for 17 days from March 15, 2021, until April 1, 2021.

Before participating in UTBK-SBMPTN 2021, the requirements and procedures for UTBK-SBMPTN registration must be understood by applicants, so the registration stage will be run streamlines without any obstacles. The requirements and steps for the UTBK-SBMPTN registration as compiled from the LTMPT are as follows:

General Provisions
1. Participants are allowed to take UTBK 2021 once with the results only valid for taking part in the 2021 SBMPTN and admissions at PTN in 2021;
2. The 2021 SBMPTN is carried out based on the UTBK results and can be added with talents as evidenced by the certificate/achievement that has been included by the participant.


Participant Requirements
1. Have an LTMPT Account;
2. Indonesian Citizens (WNI) who have a Population Identification Number (NIK);
3. SMA / MA / SMK / equivalent graduates in 2021 must have a Year 12 SMA / MA / SMK Student Certificate in 2021 or a Package C student in 2021 with a maximum age of 25 years (as of 1 July 2021);
4. Students who graduate from SMA / MA / SMK / equivalent in 2019 and 2020 or Package C graduates in 2019 and 2020 must have a diploma with a maximum age of 25 years (as of July 1, 2021). For high school graduates with an equivalent from abroad, they must have an equivalent diploma;
5. Never pass the SNMPTN route in 2019, 2020, and 2021;
6. Have adequate health so that it does not interfere with the smoothness of the study process;
7. For participants who choose a study program in the field of Arts and Sports, they must upload a portfolio;
8. Pay the UTBK fee through the designated bank.


Registration flow
1. UTBK-SBMPTN 2021 registration is generally carried out in the following stages:
2. Visiting the page;
3. Complete Biodata;
4. Choosing a Study Program;
5. Uploading Portfolio;
6. Choosing a UTBK Center;
7. See the Registration Number;
8. Confirming Participant Card;
9. Downloading the Participant Card


Tests that can be selected by UTBK participants

The exam group at UTBK is divided into 3 (three) as follows;

1. Science and Technology (Saintek) Examination Group with TPS and TKA Science and Technology exam materials (Science and Technology Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology);
2. Social and Humanities Examination Group (Soshum) with TPS and TKA Soshum examination material (Geography, History, Sociology, and Economics);
3. Mixed Examination Group (Saintek and Soshum) with TPS, Science and Technology TKA, and Soshum TKA exam materials.



Applicants who choose art or sports majors are required to upload a portfolio according to the majors as follows:

1. Sports;
2. Fine Arts, Design and Crafts;
3. Dance (including Sendratasik / Performing Arts Dance option);
4. Theater (including Ballet / Performing Arts Theater / Drama option);
5. Music (including Sendratasik / Performing Arts Music option);
6. Karawitan art;
7. Ethnomusicology;
8. Photography;
9. Film and Television;
10. Puppetry Arts.


Provisions for PTN Choices and Study Programs

The study programs at PTN, PTKIN, and State Polytechnic are divided into two groups, namely the Science group and the Soshum group. Participants can choose a maximum of two study programs provided that:

1. If all of the study programs selected are from the Science and Technology group, the participants take the Scientific examination group
2. If all of the study programs selected are from the Soshum group, the participants take the Soshum exam group;
3. If the study program is selected from the Scientific group and the Soshum group, participants take the Mixed examination group;
4. SBMPTN 2021 participants can choose study programs at PTN, PTKIN, and any State Polytechnic;
5. The Medicine and Dentistry Study Program can ONLY be chosen by students who graduated from SMA / MA majoring in Science only;
6. The order in which the selection of courses of study, states priority of choice



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