Dr. Eduart Wolok, S.T, M.T is Elected to be the UNG’s Rector for 2019-2023 Periods

Oleh: Abdul Wahid Rauf . September 17, 2019 . 16:45:00


Gorontalo – The mystery of the one who will become the rector of UNG for 2019-2023 periods has been solved, the figure that will be the chairman in Red Maroon Campus is Dr. Eduart Wolok, ST, MT.

The lecturer of the Engineering Faculty is elected to be the UNG’s Rector through the Ceremony of UNG Rector Candidates Election for 2019-2023 periods by UNG senate members and representative of Minister of Research and Higher Education, on Tuesday (17/9), in Senates Meeting Room, overthrowing another two candidates Prof. Dr. Ani M Hasan, M.Pd, and Prof. Dr. Ir. Mahludin Baruwadi, M.P,.

Based on the election result, former second vice-rector of UNG acquires 63 votes from 105 total votes. Whereas, in the second place Prof. Dr. Ir. Mahludin Baruwadi, M.P acquires 41 votes, Prof. Dr. Ani M Hasan, M.Pd acquires 0 votes and 1 abstains.

Head of Senate of UNG Prof. Dr. Rauf A. Hatu, M.Si states the chosen of Dr. Eduart Wolok, ST, MT, as the Rector of UNG indicates the end of UNG’s Rector Election for 2019-2023 periods Process. The result of the the election will be given to the Ministry of Research and Higher Education to be appointed and inaugurated by the Minister.

“The election result has answered the elected rector of UNG. We hope the elected rector can do his duty to bring the UNG to have more quality,” he explained.

Dr. Eduart Wolok ST, MT, confesses his gratitude about the achievement on the result of the election of UNG’s Rector for 2019-2023 periods. Eduart also confesses to carrying on his mission and vision immediately after he is inaugurated as the Rector of UNG by Minister of Research and Higher Education.


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