Confuse to sign up in Joint National University Admission (SBMPTN) 2019? Read This Tips

Oleh: Abdul Wahid Rauf . June 13, 2019 . 08:25:00


Gorontalo – SBMPTN 2019 registration has officially opened by central committee since 10 July yesterday. On this admission selection, 85 universities with hundred majors open admission for the new students.

With many numbers of universities and majors that are opened during the admission. Event tough new student candidates have many choices of university to study, the quota that is accommodated is limited. New student candidates must compete to get admitted in the university.

To be admitted in SBMPTN 2019, Vice-Rector of Academic Affair Prof. Dr. Ir. Mahludin Baruwadi, M.P, shares the tips for new student candidates who are confused to choose the university and want to get admitted in SBMPTN 2019. According to Prof. Mahludin, the important thing that must be considered by the new student candidate when conducting the registration is UTBK score.

“This year the UTBK system will use the ranking score system, high score of UTBK will double the chance to get admitted. In SBMPTN new students will compete nationally,” said Prof. Mahludin.

If the new student candidate has high score on UTBK, they can choose favorite university or favorite major because they have a big chance to be admitted and can compete with new student candidate in all around Indonesia.

“Favorite major like medical major becomes the first choice of new student candidates in Indonesia. With better UTBK score, new student candidate can be optimist and have confidence.

New student candidates must be realistic about choosing their university in case they only get lower scores. “UTBK score is made to be the main requirement of new student admission in order to make a clearer result and the failure rate of new student candidates becomes lower because they can count the compete chance,” he said.

On sign up process, new student candidates should choose their most interested major in order to study seriously during the lecture in the future.

“During the registration process, new student candidates should suit their ability in choosing university. Choosing the major should be adapted with their talent and interest. Do not think becoming the university student is the most important thing despite disliking the major.


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